Remembrance Day 2018

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On Friday 9th November Notre Dame celebrated Remembrance Day. This year's Remembrance Day is particularly special as it marks 100 years since the end of the First World War in 2018. At 10:58am two minutes of silence were held, during which Sam payed the Last Post on his bugle. The pictures show Sam, along with Lucy and Oliver in their marine cadet uniforms.

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The Visit of Barry and Margaret Mizen

Ten years ago Barry and Margaret's son, Jimmy, was murdered. Since then they have devoted a large part of their time to speaking to young people about their experience. Our school chaplain, Suzanne, recently went to listen to them speak in a school in Chesterfield and was so impressed by what she heard that she invited them to speak at Notre Dame. The visit was held on the 8th November. Talks were held for Y10 and Y11 students with some staff present as well.

Barry and Margaret shared the story of their son’s tragic death, describing what he was like as a young person, what his loss meant to them as a family, and how they each responded. They challenged young people to reflect on the consequences of their actions and inspire them to use their own power for positive change within their school and wider community. They spoke about the overwhelming story of forgiveness they have for the person who committed the crime. Forgiveness has been a powerful force in bringing good from what happened to their family and they shared the lessons they have learned. The talk was followed by a question and answer session. Everybody present found the whole visit very moving and inspirational.

Some feedback from Y10 and Y11 students:

“I was moved by the story and amazed that Mr and Mrs Mizen could forgive.”
“I was moved to tears.”
“The simple message was turn to God.”
“I get why they forgave their son's killer - it wasn't about being a pushover it was more about them not wanting to waste any more of their lives on being angry at his actions.”


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