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On Saturday 25th January we took a group of students to a Christian Youth Event called Breathe Deep which was co-hosted by our very own Reverend Otieno. There were over 400 young people there covering a wide range of ages and backgrounds. The day opened with a time of praise and worship and then the students broke into different workshops exploring faith in different ways. One of our A-Level students (Alice Pearson) was helping to run a workshop called ‘Life is Good – How can we serve?’ in which she explained how actually life is not always good but by serving others we can make the world a better place for others. She explained how she has recently campaigned to reduce the amount of single use plastic that is used in the school canteen and what impact that could have. These workshops were followed by a subway lunch and an afternoon full of fun activities such as a total wipe-out inflatable, an inflatable obstacle course, gaming stations and graffiti walls. The day ended with another time of praise and worship. There was a lovely atmosphere running through the entire day and it was great for the students to have time to meet with other young people of faith. We are looking forward to taking even more students next year.

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Cultural Awareness Day

On our last enrichment day our Y9 students took part in a Cultural Awareness Day. During this day they tried African dance and drumming and were also taken to two places of Worship, a Buddhist Centre and a Synagogue. It was an excellent day and the students particularly enjoyed the Buddhist Centre where they were able to try a stilling exercise where you try to clear your mind – similar to meditation. At the Synagogue the students were taken on a tour by Rabbi Gollumb and were able to look inside the Aron Hakodesh (The Ark) where the Torah scrolls are kept. Some students were even lucky enough to model a Jewish prayer shawl called a Tallit. Throughout the trip the students asked some fantastic questions about the other faiths and took the opportunity to develop a great awareness of different cultures and traditions around the world. You can see some pictures of the day below.

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