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Dear Parent/ Carer

It has been wonderful to see the first signs of spring over the last week and, out and about around the school, I have been struck once again how blessed we are to have such a beautiful site.

With the turning of the season, we have, of course, entered into Lent. After a number of years when Ash Wednesday has fallen during the half term holiday, we were in school for it this year. Father John Cooke came in to school on the Tuesday and blessed our ashes in a service with 6th form students, whom he then commissioned to distribute the ashes to the rest of the school.

On Wednesday, every year group gathered for their service, each one being led by the 6th form students supported by the Head of Year. I was at the Y7 service and was very moved by the way that our 6th form volunteers led us with great dignity and solemnity. In turn, the Y7 students responded wonderfully and there was a real prayerfulness and respect for the meaning of the service. The feedback from other services was similarly powerful. I would like to thank Fr John, Suzanne and our Chaplaincy team, our Heads of Year and the 6th form volunteers who helped us to make a wonderful start to this Lenten season.

Last week was National Apprenticeship week. Mrs Alison took some of our students to an apprenticeship fair and was delighted to see former Notre Dame students featuring heavily amongst the apprentices that were representing their companies. It is always great to see former members of our community thriving in life beyond school and it was good for our current students to be able to relate to some of the many different routes and options there are for them in their future.

We are now into the final run in for students who have external exams this year. Meanwhile our Y8 students are making their options choices for the coming years. At the same time this week we will have our Higher Education Evening for Y12 students and their parents as they really get into the process of thinking about their next steps. I am sure that you will join me in prayers for all these students, their families and the members of staff who are working with them, that they may be blessed with wisdom, resilience and confidence.

I will now hand you over to our Art department for another look into the day to day work in this aspect of school.

Newsletter 13.03.17 Art Department 1


Newsletter 13.03.17 Art Department 2


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