Headteacher's Blog 12th July 2019

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As I mentioned in the last blog, we recently celebrated the 50th anniversary of the canonisation of St. Julie. A group of students, staff and governors attended a celebration mass at Liverpool Cathedral on Wednesday 19th June. The Cathedral was packed with members of all of the UK Notre Dame schools and it was a wonderful occasion. The following day, representatives from each of the Notre Dame schools went to Rome, where they marked the actual anniversary at the Vatican.

I was delighted to join our students, staff and governors in Liverpool and I would like to share with you some of the thoughts of Mary Cluderay, one of the Sisters of Notre Dame who was at the mass.

Looking around the Cathedral, filled to capacity the message of single-minded dedication to Julie’s message was tangible and consuming. In the memorable words of the Homily given by Anne Marie, the message became personalized. We knew that St. Julie was speaking directly to each one:” she who helped to spread the Good News from the day she first heard it right up to the present.” We were encouraged to let our heart hear our own name being called “so that I can always recognise what is best. The links spread to the members of all the Schools as the representatives carried their mementoes and candles as part of the offertory procession.

Always we were called to join in the beautiful music and to enjoy the sight of     sunflowers. Since her childhood in France she had observed a whole field drawn by the sun and so she kept her own gaze on the good God. “look to God as a sunflower looks to the Sun for Life. As we left our celebration, I was reminded of the words used to describe Christopher Wren in St. Paul’s Cathedral: “if you seek a monument, Look around” For Notre Dame our message is “We will follow the path that St Julie trod “Qu’il est bon,le bon Dieu .

Mary Cluderay SND


I will also share some words of thanks from Sr Margaret Lee who was also at the mass. You will see she makes reference to St Julie’s ‘vision at Compiegne’ which I have mentioned before in the blog. This is the story of a dream that St Julie had in which she saw people gathered around the cross who would join her in her work.

It was a wonderful experience to be present in the Cathedral with so many young people and to know that St. Julie's work is fully alive.

Thank you for all the work you and your staff put into making the occasion so special and also for continuing the work in schools which many of us are now unable to do. Last but not least please thank the children for their singing, reading and partaking in the celebration - they were a credit to each school.

They will be remembered each time I think of Julie's vision at Compiegne. I have always been sure that she saw each and every one of us!    


Heading back into school, the following has been put together by the Head of Year 10, Mr Doherty, to highlight some of what students in this year group have been doing over the year.

God Bless

Mr Davies


Year 10 (2018-2019)

It has now been a year here since I started as Head of Year 10 at Notre Dame High and I am already amazed at the incredible achievements and milestones the students I serve here have made in this short space of time.

On a day to day basis students have made me proud of the fantastic attitude and determination they show, not only in lessons but outside of the classroom. In school, students’ progress for the entire cohort looks strong and very similar to the recent Year 11 results achieved in the summer of 2018 which I am sure you would agree is very exciting.

However, it does not stop here, students are continually excelling not only in the classroom and around the site but also outside of school. For example, one student in 10JS individually helped raise over £300 for fundraising during the summer term, another student achieved a scholarship on the Reach Cambridge Summer Law School programme, and one student was successful in making the South Yorkshire Athletics team.

The achievements of this great year group go on and on and this makes me really proud to be their Head of Year. I know that this year group has the potential to continue to achieve great things and I am really confident that they will continue to do so and make us all proud next August and beyond.

Mr M Doherty - HOY 10


Dates for your diary

  • Last day of summer term for students Friday 19th July
  • First day of term for students in September:
    • Y7
    • Y8 to Y11 and Y12 & Y13 – Wednesday 4th September

Things happening in school over the coming weeks

  • Sports Day; Friday 12th July
  • End of year assemblies, week beginning Monday 15th July


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