Enhancing Business Studies

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Our Y10 – Y13 students need greater exposure to decision makers from the business world. At school we teach them theory and use case studies to enrich and enhance their knowledge. However the aspect of exam performance that is the least well done is context. In other words the way they interpret an individual business and its response to changing business situations. We would therefore like to receive into school guests from our community who can provide first-hand experience of dealing with these situations.
The commitment would be to liaise via email to create a paper case study of the business in question (we would do the work…you would just need to provide information). We would then release this to the students (after you have approved) in advance of a lunchtime seminar in which they could pose questions and create discussion about the business. We would chair and lead the discussion.

So all you would be doing is liaising via email and then attending school for a lunchtime session to suit your diary!
If you are interested in exploring the idea please contact asmith@notredame-high.co.uk


Mr A  Smith
Teacher of Business and Economics


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