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Online Easter Assembly 2020


Some Easter Games


Give each person a small basket with a specific number of shaped paper eggs

  • You can use any size cup and eggs you wish, but each person will need to keep their cup  with them throughout.
  • Instruct everyone to pay attention to everyone else. Choose an action or word that needs to be taboo.
  • It could be crossing legs while sitting, saying the word “Easter” or something else.
  • If someone observes another person doing the taboo action, they collect an egg from that person’s cup.
  • At the end, the person with the most eggs wins a prize.


2. Easter Egg Bowling:

  • Hard boil a bunch of eggs. Keep them aside to cool. Hand them out to your teen and his friends and ask them to paint different designs on it. Take a large chocolate Easter egg and place it at a spot on the floor. Ask your teen and friends to use their hard boiled eggs and try and bowl over the big chocolate egg. The teen who manages to reach the closest to the chocolate egg gets the prize. 


3. Goal The Egg:

·         Hard boil a bunch of eggs for your teen and his friends. Keep them aside to cool. Traditionally, children roll the eggs down a slope as part of an egg race. However, you can create two small goal posts at an appropriate distance in your house and a slope in the garden. Ask your teen and his friends to take turns and roll the eggs between the goal posts. Decide on the number of turns each teen gets. The teen who has the maximum score is the winner. In the case of a tie, you can increase the distance between the goal posts and have a re-take.


4. Toss The Egg:

You can play with hard boiled eggs or raw eggs.

  • Ask your teen and his friends to colour and decorate the hard boiled eggs once they are cool. Form groups of two teens and make them stand at a distance from each other. The teens have to toss the eggs at each other. Whoever drops the egg is out. To make it more challenging with each level, you can increase the distance between players. The teen who stays on until the end is the winner.



This is one of the most hilarious Easter games I have ever played! Okay, so you are going to need some eggs, a designated start line and a designated finish line.

  • To play the game, all the players line up at the start line and the object is to get their egg to the finish line, using only their nose!
  • The first player to do so is the game winner.

Hey, just because you have a teenager or two in the house, doesn’t mean they can’t enjoy playing Easter party games!​

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