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On Friday 22nd June a group of students from Notre Dame went on the Rainbows trip with Mrs Paine, Suzanne and Mrs Billingham. The aim of the trip was to celebrate the end of the programme. James of Y9 shared his experiences of the trip:

We caught the bus from school into Sheffield town centre and firstly we visited St Marie’s Cathedral where we lit a candle and had a look around. We then went to the winter gardens and settled in the Peace Gardens for a short while. We then headed for lunch together and afterwards we went to ‘Virgin Money’ shop because they have games facilities within their premises. We booked the room with all different enjoyments, this includes a bowling alley, snooker tables, air hockey and many more, it was a very fun day for all of the students that attended!

Rainbows is a programme in which you open up about things that changed your physical and mental state for example, you might have lost a loved one or your parents might have divorced. Going out for the day to celebrate the end of the programme is such a good thing because it helps you to just enjoy yourself and take your mind of things. The students have done really well to talk about things that have upset them and we all feel proud to have finished the programme!

If you are affected by the loss of love ones or parents that have divorced, Rainbows is a good way to open your thoughts about it, Just talk to Suzanne or Mrs Paine if you’re interested!

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