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World Schools Orienteering

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The World Schools Orienteering Championships, held every 2 years, took place in Estonia at the beginning of May this year (Orienteering involves running with a map to specific controls which form a course). I was part of the England team, running for Notre Dame, which contained 40 other athletes from schools across the country. There were teams from 23 other countries including New Zealand, Spain and Israel. We stayed near the town of Otepaa, near where the competition was being held.

The competition included 3 races: Long distance, middle distance and a friendship relay. This relay was definitely the event I enjoyed the most (apart from the big hill they made us all climb) it was really fun, I was on a team with a boy from Finland and a girl from Israel and we meet up at the last control and ran in together.

As well as races there was a cultural day where each country had the chance to showcase their country’s culture, we did Morris dancing, which for a dance that involves whacking each other with sticks was surprisingly fun!

It was a brilliant chance to meet people from other countries, explore their cultures, eat some of their food, and make some friends.

Isabelle Hodgson Y12

You can view a video of the event here:


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