Launching a Balloon To Space

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On 1st July, Notre Dame hosted a delegation from Sent Into Space, a scientific enterprise specialising in near space exploration. Our visitors launched a balloon, with a camera attached, from the school grounds. The balloon travelled up to the edge of Earth's atmosphere and took some amazing pictures from an altitude of around 40 kilometres, before bursting and falling back to Earth. The following day the Sent Into Space team recovered the balloon from a field in Lincolnshire.

Both students and staff turned out to watch the balloon launch. Our students were keen you use the opportunity to highlight some of the environmental issues the earth is facing.

You can see the incredible film taken by the balloon camera here:

And here are a few stills of the launch:

And taken from the balloon in space:

If you would like to find out more about Sent Into Space and the work they do, click here:


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