A Day of Fellowship and Fun: Student Chaplaincy Leaders’ Outing

The student chaplaincy leaders embarked on a day out of school, accompanied by Suzanne and Mrs. Otieno.  We used the annex belonging the St John’s church. Thank you to all at St John’s for letting us use it. It’s such a great space! 

The day was thoughtfully framed with prayers, beginning and ending in gratitude and reflection, creating a spiritually enriching experience for everyone involved.

The middle of the day was brimming with activities, fostering a sense of friendship and enjoyment among the students. They seized the opportunity to get to know one another better and shared in the joy of spending quality time together.

Before lunch, students faced an exciting challenge of building the tallest structure using only marshmallows and raw spaghetti. This creative exercise was not just about height but also about fostering teamwork and effective communication among our young participants. There was spaghetti everywhere! 

The primary goal of the exercise was to encourage students to listen to one another and work collaboratively. It was brilliant to see how they communicated their ideas, shared responsibilities, and supported each other through the building. 

Well done to all our budding architects!

A significant part of the day was devoted to planning upcoming services, showcasing the students’ dedication and creativity. The bravest among them took on the task of making videos to be used during our Spiritual Development Days at school. These videos are sure to inspire and engage their peers in the months to come.

Lunch was a highlight, featuring a feast of delicious pizza and an abundance of garlic bread, enough to feed a multitude! Our young people, with hearty appetites, made quick work of the meal, leaving hardly a crumb behind. It was a wonderful sight, reflecting both their enjoyment and the sense of community that the day fostered.

Throughout the day, the students demonstrated their remarkable talents and the power of collaboration. Their enthusiasm and creativity shone brightly, making us incredibly proud.

As we look forward to the new school year, the students are eagerly anticipating their next meeting. They are excited to contribute to the planning of services and Masses leading up to Christmas. Their involvement is a blessing, and we can’t wait to see what they will achieve next.


God bless you all.