Celebrating the Gift of Diversity

On Thursday 27th June we held our annual cultural celebration day. On this day students were encouraged to wear cultural dress and as always they did not disapoint. We say clothes from all across the world and it was a real celebration of diversity. It was wonderful to see so many students showing pride in their cultural background and heritage. A real highlight of the day was during lunch when we held a cultural catwalk where students were able to showcase their various outfits. One of the Hallmarks at Notre Dame is ‘we embrace the gift of diversity’, by wearing traditional attire and participating in various cultural activities, students not only celebrated their own heritage but also learned to appreciate the diverse backgrounds of their classmates. This special day fostered a sense of unity and shared values, reinforcing the idea that, despite our differences, we are all part of one global family.


Thank you to Mrs Otieno, the diversity leads and all the student helpers for putting together such a special day.