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Parents & Carers

Thank you for your continued support in helping us to re-open school following lockdown and in facing the constant challenges of the current pandemic.

We are also grateful for the fantastic students we have and the goodwill, kindness and fortitude they are showing during these difficult times.

I have been asked though by our bus company to pass onto you their concerns (and ours) about a minority of students who are not complying with the requirement to wear face masks when travelling on buses to and from school.

We can confirm that all students are wearing face masks when they get on the bus, checked and reminded by staff on duty. They do so without complaint and often without needing reminders. However it is clear that some students remove their masks once the bus moves away. When specific students are identified to us in school we are addressing this with them back in school.

Please can you support us with this at home by reminding children of the expectations for face coverings on buses and the reasoning to keep everyone including the drivers safe. The bus drivers are doing a great job at the moment in allowing us to get children to and from school to access their education and we need to give them our full support in this.

Thank you for your time in reading this and in helping us with our work in keeping everybody as safe as possible, especially following the categorisation of Sheffield as a Tier 2 area of concern.

Kind regards,

Mr Scriven

Designated Safeguarding Lead

As of 14/09/2020 there will be two bus routes for the 782 service.

The original one from GRENOSIDE will continue to and from school as normal.

The new bus route will be from CHAPELTOWN – please see below

School Bus Timetables

 782 Chapeltown – Halifax Road – Hillsborough - Notre Dame High School


782 – AM


Chapeltown, Lound Side 


High Green, The Fosters


Grenoside, Norfolk Hill btm


Halifax Road, The White Horse


Hillsborough Ripley Street/Dodd Street


Notre Dame High School



782 – PM


Notre Dame High School


Taplin Road


Southey Green Road


Grenoside, Halifax Road/Norfolk Hill btm


High Green, The Fosters


Chapeltown, Market Place





Dear all,

I hope you have all had a nice summer during difficult times.

I am pleased to be able to announce that SYPTE have secured an agreement for the first term of this academic year for Heaton's to continue to run the service to school from Stocksbridge.

This is no longer a contract between school and Heaton's as this has been commissioned by SYPTE so students will now need to pay on the bus for their journey (80p per fare).

We have also been advised that based on financial circumstances some families will be eligible to apply to SYPTE for zero fares and we would encourage families to look into this.

SYPTE will be monitoring capacity of this service and have contingency plans to run a second coach if required.

Kind regards,

Mr Scriven

Notre Dame High School has a very wide catchment area drawing on all parts of the city and beyond. Please note that this is a public bus service, not a Notre Dame service. We do work very closely with the companies that run the services to deal with tranport issues. Please open the attachments below to see details of bus services for September 2019.

Megatravel Pass
To apply for a pass please collect an application form from the Travel Information Centre in Sheffield Interchange or download it from:

16-18 Student Pass
To apply for a pass pick up an application form from the Travel Information Centre in Sheffield Interchange or download it at:

Zero Fare Pass
Further information can be obtained from the Childrens, Young Peoples and Families Service of Sheffield City Council on telephone 0114 273 5831 or from the Sheffield City Council Home to School Transport Policy which can be found at the following website:


As of 29/01/2020 there will be new timings to the 779 bus service in the mornings only. The new timings are shown below.

School Bus Timetables

779 Wincobank – Notre Dame High School

779 – AM

From Wincobank, Newman Road/Robin Hood Road via Newman Road, Wincobank Avenue, Shiregreen Lane, Bellhouse Road, Beck Road, Shiregreen, Sicey Avenue, Hatfield House Lane, Sheffield Lane Top, Barnsley Road, Stubbin Lane, Firth Park, Hucklow Road, Firvale, Barnsley Road, Pitsmoor, Burngreave Road, Burngreave Spital Hill, Wicker, Block Street, Castlegate, Waingate, Haymarket, High Street, Castle Square, High Street, City Centre, Church Street, West Street, Glossop Road, Fulwood Road to Notre Dame Catholic High School

Wincobank – Shiregreen – City – Notre Dame High School

779 – AM

Monday to Friday

Wincobank, Newman Rd/Robin Hood Rd                                    07.25    

Shiregreen, Sicey Avenue                                                            07.31    

Firth Park Centre                                                                          07.42

Abbeyfield Rd                                                                               07.52

High Street                                                                                   08.02

Royal Hallamshire Hospital                                                          08.12            

Notre Dame School                                                                      08.27



Travel South Yorkshire's New Website Onboard click here.
For your Bus Enquiry to Notre Dame please click here.



1. What happens if the bus does not arrive?
Stay at the bus stop as the Bus Company will always send a replacement service. This applies to Bright Bus (green buses) only. In the event of any problems, you can contact Mrs Vivian on 07585512741 who would have the most up to date information.

2. What happens if it snows?
If there is extreme weather before school. Start to check the school website for information about school opening times. This information will also be shared with local radio stations where appropriate announcements will be made. If there is extreme weather during the day, please ensure you have completed the page in your child's journal/planner instructing the school on what arrangements you would like for your child. If any decisions are made regarding early closure etc, we will contact you via our text messaging service.

3. What if my child loses something on the bus?
Please use the Bus enquiry Form on the school's website. Alternatively contact Mrs Vivian directly.

4. What happens if my child misbehaves on the bus?
We monitor journeys through the use of CCTV. The bus providers take any behaviour seriouslyand school supports them on this. Any pupil that causes damage to the buses, bus stops or shelters and / or does not meet the required standard of behaviour on the bus could :
- Have their pass withdrawn.
- Be banned from the bus.
- Be prosecuted by the Police.
- Be required to pay for any damage they have caused.

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