E-portal provides you with live, powerful data about your child. The parental view is designed to give you the most direct information about your child allowing you to pick up on any eportalissues you feel may be developing or to reward positive achievement and progress you might otherwise not have been fully aware of.


When your child starts school at Notre Dame we receive information from their Primary School which tells us how they did in their Key Stage 2 SATS in Y6. From this information we can calculate their KS2 Average Points Score. This is an average of their performance in Maths and English SATS. From this we are able to work out at what level they should be performing at the end of Key Stage 4 (when they finish their GCSE or equivalent qualifications). We call this the LOW TARGET. It is calculated using the government's expected progress rate to ensure that a student on track will be at or above national average standard of attainment at GCSE. We also set students a HIGH TARGET. For this we put together all the different types of predictive data we collect in school to generate a realistic but challenging target that will help support your child to achieve their full potential. This target also takes into account how the school has performed over the past three years at Key Stage 4. Your child will have the same end of Key Stage 4 low and high target for all his/her subjects.premium pupil


To help students know whether they are on track or not we split the progress journey into end of year targets. These are worked towards over the course of the year. End of year target grades may be different for individual subjects because students make progress at different rates in separate subject areas. The rate at which progress is made is not always the same. However, the end point - the end of Key Stage 4 target - remains the same across all subjects. Individual subjects have put together subject and course specific information on how your child is assessed and how the attainment level/grade reported every half term are arrived at. We have also provided a graph which will show you where your child should be at each monitoring point to be on track to hit or exceed their end of year target. This subject specific information is available by using the drop down boxes above.

To view full information on how to support your child's learning by judging progress and using targets then please see the attachment below.

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