In order to make payments to school easier, we now offer online payment through WisePay. WisePay is a secure online payment service that will allow parents and guardians (and extended family members), to make payments to school using their debit or credit cards. Wisepay has been operation in schools for over 20 years. The WisePay service operates in hundreds of schools across the country, including state schools, academies and colleges and in local authorities. All major credit and debit cards are accepted. Please note that neither WisePay nor the school can see or has access to any of your card details. Your card details are never stored by WisePay.

You can use Wisepay to pay for:

  1. School Trips
  2. Music Lessons
  3. School Meals

You can also use Wisepay to give trip parental permission.

We are currently aware of an issue that is affecting some users after they have entered their payment details at the checkout. The screen will turn white and nothing appears to happen. When this occurs the transaction is unsuccessful.

We have contacted Wisepay in relation to this issue, their response is that it is an issue with the  Google Chrome web browser and a number of banks’ authentication software. To remedy this Wisepay have suggested that you use an alternate web browser such as Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox or Opera. Alternatively we have been given these steps to follow if you want to continue to use Google Chrome

  • Make sure you're using an updated version of Chrome.
  • Download and run the Chrome Cleanup Tool to search for suspicious programs and offers to remove them.
  • Does the issue persist in incognito mode? (If it happens with a specific website/web page)
  • If this helps then temporarily disable your extensions to identify which one is causing the rendering problem. To do this go to chrome://extensions and uncheck enabled for each extension one by one.
  • Clearing cache and cookies can be useful.
  • Disable all the Firewall softwares you have installed / try on different Internet Network Provider (Backup your bookmarks by exporting them as an html file to your desktop or documents folder or other) then, try resetting the Chrome browser to see if that helps.


wisepay logo2   wisepay screenshot

You can use this link to log on.

Please find details about WisePay at www.wisepay.co.uk
Please contact finance@notredame-high.co.uk if you have any queries or need a log-on username and password.

Please note, WisePay payment processing will be rebranded from SagePay to Opayo on 13th July 2020. Please be assured the new Opayo branding will not impact user experience, or the service function of the payment gateway. That’s to say, other than the branding restyle nothing else beneath the visuals will change.



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