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School Concerns

It is inevitable that, from time to time, parents may have concerns about their child's experience at Notre Dame. These might be related to their behaviour, their progress, their choice of subjects, a specific event or incident etc.

Of course, good relationships between students, parents and the members of staff at Notre Dame are vital in order to ensure that students have the best possible experience of school.

We would ask, therefore, that any parent with a concern would share it with us. We will then seek to resolve these concerns, by providing information to clarify the situation, arranging a face to face or phone conversation, taking appropriate action in response to a concern etc. The most important thing is that we work together to seek a resolution.

You should use this contact form if

You have a concern about an aspect of your child's schooling

You have already sought contact with an appropriate member of staff in school who would be able to help with the concern and either:
o You have not received a response or
o Following the response, you have some further concern which you wish to express

What will happen with my 'concern'

All concerns will be received by a member of staff delegated to receive them

That member of staff will:
o Forward the concern to the person most appropriate to respond
o Contact you to acknowledge your concern
o Indicate when a reply should be expected and from whom