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ePortal Enquiry

E-Portal is our school information management system and provides live, powerful data about your child. The parental view is designed to give you the most direct information about your child allowing you to pick up on any issues you feel may be developing or to reward positive achievement and progress you might otherwise not have been fully aware of.

We now use electronic communication, where appropriate, instead of paper (unless you have requested paper copies) to keep you informed. E-Portal is central to this as it is where we electronically store individual letters or reports that would previously have come home on paper.

There is an E-Portal section within this website with guidance documents on how to navigate E-Portal and how to make use of the information provided to best support your. Please click here to be redirected to the site.

Please use the E-Portal enquiry form to:

Request username and password to log into E-Portal – please note details will be sent to the email address we hold on the school system or by post if we do not have an email address.

Inform us of incorrect or updated contact details

Queries related to using E-Portal that are not covered in the guidance documents