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Home Learning update


We now know that until the end of this academic year home learning

will remain the only learning for the majority of students and will be the main form of learning for all.

You will see below an updated home learning curriculum for each subject, summarising what you can expect over the weeks ahead.

The curriculum will be arranged under the following headings:

What you will see

Retrieval Focus:

These are the things that teachers want students to recall from past learning for a given week or block of weeks. Some of the topics will be there because recapping them will help set up the new learning and others are there because teachers routinely go back to prior topics to help build long term memory.


New Learning:

This is the new knowledge or skills students will be developing or the ways in which they will build their understanding or apply knowledge of skills in a different or more complex way than they have before. You will be able to see what the focus of new learning will be in each subject, each week, as well as details on how teachers will deliver this to your child.



Teachers will summarise the different sorts of activities that they are planning for the week or block of weeks. These activities will be designed to help students to recall the prior learning and to get on with the new learning. Teachers have been sharing with each other and looking at work from other schools to get ideas of different types of activities that help students in different ways, including things students can do if they’re stuck and also activities that help them to get feedback and help the teachers check in on their learning.


Checking in:

We understand that the hardest thing for many is the lack of direct contact with teachers and with classmates. Teachers will include in the plan the ways that students will be able to have that contact over a week or period of weeks. This will include use of Microsoft Teams, alongside phone calls or emails. Teachers will plan ‘check ins’ on days that they would normally be set work by that teacher (following our home learning timetable) so that things do not clash. The ‘check ins’ will give students an opportunity to ask their teacher live questions about the work or they will be used for the teacher to clarify any explanations of new knowledge or concepts.

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