Faith in Action – Bronze Award

Four students in Y8 have been chosen to take part in the Faith in Action award because of their dedication to the school Ethos and Chaplaincy department.  The group’s first meeting was yesterday, the 4th December, at St Bernard’s Catholic School, Herringthorpe.  Our students met with Y8 students and their chaplains from the other Catholic Schools in the Hallam Diocese in order to begin the first session together, to get to know one another, pray and take part in a short liturgy and reflection.

The theme for the first session was ‘We Love Because We Are Loved’ and students explored what it means to love and be loved..  Students listened to the reading from the Gospel of St John 15:12-17.  “This is my commandment: love one another; as I have loved you.’  The next meeting is in February 2024, and students will discuss what they would like to do for their community project.


Let us pray:

Lord, you are the vine and we are your branches. 

Help us to be more deeply rooted in you. 

Give us the courage to respond to your love

by showing love to others.

fill us with your Spirit,

So that through the love you have shown us,

we can bear the great fruits of love in our daily lives.