Sheffield Shoebox Appeal

This year, as part of our dedication to pre-Advent fundraising, students have collected items for the Sheffield Shoebox Appeal.

Christmas can be a very joyous time of year, but if you are vulnerable, living in a hostel, on the streets, or have escaped abuse and are in a refuge, it can be very lonely. The staff and volunteers from the Sheffield Shoebox Appeal team aim to
provide a bit of Christmas cheer for men and women in hostels, temporary accommodation and refuges, and the socially isolated elderly. Most of them have access to basic items like toothbrushes/paste, ordinary toiletries and food but don’t have those little luxuries we all appreciate! For many of them this will be the only Christmas present they get, so we wanted to make sure our boxes were full of treats and luxury items.

Students made up over 100 shoeboxes and Chris from the foodbank team collected them on Friday, 24th November.

Thank you to all our students for their kind contributions and as always, the huge support received from parents and carers.

Suzanne, Chaplain