Y8 Students Visit to Baby Basics

Baby Basics is a volunteer-led project aiming to support new mothers and families who are struggling to meet the financial and practical burden of looking after a new baby. Baby Basics started in Sheffield in the spring of 2009, this centre continues to support families across Sheffield working with a wide range of frontline health and social care professionals. There is an ever increasing network of Baby Basics centres across the country each staffed by a committed team of volunteers,.

4 Y8 Faith in Action students recently visited Baby Basics in Sheffield.  They met the staff and volunteers and had a tour of the building. The rest of the time was used helping sort the hundreds of donated baby clothes into categories.

After Easter, the whole school Faith in Action Student Team are going to make soap boxes out of re-cyclable plastic from 4 pint empty, clean, milk bottles which will be donated to Baby Basics later in the year to pass onto mums and families in Sheffield.