Headteacher’s Blog 24/09/2021

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This week we had our Y6 Open Evening and it was so good to be able to do it ‘live’ again. I was delighted with the large numbers of students who volunteered to stay back after school to help as guides and to work with teachers talking about study of different subjects. I and my colleagues have received so many comments and emails saying just how wonderful those students were, how proud they are of their school and how welcoming and knowledgeable they are. It was lovely to gather with many of those volunteers on Thursday during form time to thank them for their help.

Coming up next week, you will receive your first monitoring report of the year where teachers are indicating the ‘Approach to Learning’ of every student in every subject. The overall sense as I have gone round school talking to students and staff has been that our young people have made a really good start to term. Of course, that is the big picture but it is made up of individual stories of particular success and some areas to improve. This monitoring report is an early chance to give you a feel for how things are going for your child from the perspective of teachers. Form tutors will also be helping the students to use the monitoring reports to reflect on their start to the term and to plan their next steps. 

It is a shorter Blog this week as I have also attached a letter with details for what is happening on 29th September. Please do take a moment to read through the letter to ensure that you know all that you need to about plans for Sports Day.

God Bless

Mr Davies

Attachment: Sports Day Letter final arrangements – September 2021

Upcoming events

Approach to Learning Report 1 – 28th September

On 28th September, you will receive the first report on your child’s approach to learning in each of their subjects. This gives an opportunity to recognise the great start that students make to their time in school and, where needed, to flag up any early concerns so that we can work together to nip them in the bud.

Sports Day – Wednesday 29th  September

This is the Sports Day that we deferred from the summer term. It will involve Y8 to Y11 students at the EIS, with Y7 students having their own day in school.

Bishop’s Walk – 1st October

On Friday 1st October, I will be joining others on the Bishop’s Walk to raise money for the St Wilfrid’s Centre. Students have been asked to think about ways to raise money to sponsor this event and I thank you for your support. Thank you as well to those parents who kindly sponsored my wife and I to run the Sheffield Half marathon this weekend, again in support of the St Wilfrid’s centre. We were really touched by your support. Be assured, money raised will make a big difference to people’s lives.

Enrichment Day and last day of half term – Friday 22nd October

Start to new half term – Monday 1st November

Training Day – School closed to students Friday 12th November

6th Form Open Morning – Saturday 13th November

We are planning that this will be a ‘live’ event in school, where students in current Y11 who are considering joining our 6th form in September will have an opportunity to find out about the courses on offer and our overall 6th form programme. More details coming soon.

Y12 Parents’ Evening – Thursday 25th November

Y7 Parents’ Evenings – Tuesday 30th November

Parents evenings will again be happening via our remote system as last year. You will receive information about how to access the system nearer to the parents’ evening(s) that involve your child(ren).

Information from subject areas

My twist on a tale – writing competition

The following link takes students to a writing competition which is open to all year groups. Students are asked to write about the future they envision for themselves/the world. They can do this in any form they want (a letter to their future self, a sci-fi update of a well-known story, etc.), and it can be either fiction or non-fiction.


The deadline is November 26th, so there’s plenty of time for students to think of ideas and write their responses.

The English Department


European Day of Languages

The 26th of September is the European Day of Languages and to promote this occasion we have been running an inter-form competition this week in school. Maybe you might like to have a go at the quiz yourselves at home?

Can you identify the European languages? (no use of reference materials!)

  1. Ser o no ser
  2. Sein oder nicht sein
  3. Être ou ne pas Être
  4. Chun nach mbeidh, nó a bheith
  5. Για να είναι ή να μην είναι
  6. Er na fydd neu i fod
  7. Być albo nie być
  8. Te zijn of niet te zijn
  9. Pentru a fi sau a nu fi
  10. Essere o non essere
  11. Bonus question – what do all of the above phrases translate to say in English?



The MFL Department