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dep mathsIn Maths Y7 and Y8 every class will have a focus on arithmetic knowledge, understanding and skills. This will be embedded in lessons and homework. In addition, topical work (often in 2 or 3 week blocks) will be taught alongside the ongoing arithmetic. These topics will mainly cover Algebra, Shape and Measure, Geometry, Probability and Statistics. In Y9 and Y10 a large focus of the course is using mathematical knowledge and skills in multi-step problem solving. The focus of Y11 is to revise all of the GCSE content of maths ensuring that pupils are confident and competent in applying them in exam style problems.
To find out more about Maths GCSE please click on the PDF below.

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How you can help your child in Maths:
Knowledge of timetables is essential and regular practice will be beneficial. Any opportunities for your child to share with you what they are working on in maths will be of value. Support with homework can be very beneficial, provided that your child is the main contributor.


Our A Level Mathematics specification allows greater flexibility and aims to create a positive learning environment, enabling teachers to adapt to students’ needs and help them fulfil their potential. Mathematics combines well with all the Sciences, Geography, Economics and Music. Maths qualifications are highly valued by both those in Higher Education and employers too. Mathematics is essential for the further study of many of the Sciences and Engineering. Further Maths is desirable for reading Maths at University and beneficial for Engineering and Physics.
Students work towards three modules in Y12 and Y13. Three hours a week focus on modules C1 and C2 (Core Maths) and two hours a week focus on S1 (Statistics) in Y12, in Y13 modules C3 and C4 (Core Maths) and two hours a week focus on D1 (Decision Maths). Textbooks are used for each module which are a great source of notes, examples and practice questions. To find out more about Maths A-Level please click on the PDF below.

How you can help your child in Maths:
Successful students at A Level Maths are required to show resilience in working independently. Supporting your child in committing time outside of lessons to work on maths would be very beneficial. In addition, please encourage your child to make full use of the support available outside of lessons (e.g. lunchtime help sessions)

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