A Level Results Success

We would like to congratulate our students and staff on our tremendous exam results. This year more than any other, we are very proud of the resilience they have shown and their determination to succeed, despite the turbulence of the last two years. This was their first experience of sitting public exams which is an achievement in itself.

The hard work shown by our students has paid off with a big jump in top grades (A and A*) from the last ‘normal’ year. It was fantastic to see every single student in French, Spanish, PE and Music gain a grade B or above. We were delighted to see 32 students earn a clean sweep of A and A* grades.

With grade boundaries being set nationally midway between 2019 and 2021 grade boundaries it is more difficult than usual to make direct comparisons with our results, but we are pleased to see our students’ results sitting in between our strong results from 2019 and even stronger results from 2021.

Mr Birch, Head of 6th Form has sent a special message to all students.

Congratulations to all of you on making it through an incredibly tough two years.

As you were unable to sit GCSEs in 2020, this summer’s exams were the first external assessments you took, it’s a tremendous achievement. Even if things didn’t go quite as well as you wanted them to do, remember that these exam results don’t define you, you are much more than a set of grades.

The resilience you have shown under such conditions is remarkable and will serve you well in later life. You are all exceptional, inspiring, and talented young people and we couldn’t be prouder of you. Best wishes and good luck in your exciting next steps.

God Bless,

Mr Birch

Headteacher, Mrs Cleary commented; “It was such a joy to be in school yesterday to see our students pick up their results. This was the first time that most had done this and it was so fantastic to see their nervous faces break into huge smiles once they had opened their envelopes. Many stared in disbelief at what they had achieved, as it exceeded their expectations. I would like all of our students to know that we wish them all the very best for the future and hope that their lives are filled with further success and happiness. Hopefully they will keep in touch and let us know how they are getting on”.

And the final word from some  of the students themselves . . . . . . .

TomNotre Dame has allowed me to reach my full potential, both academically, but also personally. Teachers are always supportive, helpful and willing to give up their time to support anyone. I know that Notre Dame has supported me in reaching my dream university and allowed me to grow holistically.

AislingI’m really happy with my A level results! Although I’m taking a gap year, so I’m not sure where I’ll be studying next year, I feel as through from both the outcome of my grades and time at Notre Dame, I’m prepared for what’s to come!

JoshThe teachers are very supportive in whichever learning style suits you the most and are happy to provide super-curricular materials. There is always the opportunity to go the extra mile in the subjects you find really interesting.

Henry- I was a student at Notre Dame High School and chose to move up to the sixth form after my time in lower school. I loved my time at sixth form thanks to the high standard of teaching and strong sense of community, which helped me to achieve top grades in a comfortable and friendly environment. I am now off to study Philosophy at Durham University 

Ellie“The whole exam experience was made bearable with the immense support and understanding as all of the teachers and pastoral staff! The results day was relatively pain free too – the simple organisation and administration of results put your mind at ease and everyone was as available as you needed them to be – opening them, I needed space to breathe and that’s exactly what I got, but when I needed help and support and reassurance, Mr Dransfield was eager to help! I was a newcomer to Notre Dame and joined in sixth form but it so quickly became my new home, and like a family which makes my leaving to Chester for university very difficult indeed” 

Vaila“Before coming to Notre Dame, I would never have imagined that leaving school could be so hard! Thanks to the inspiring teachers, friends and opportunities provided by my time in Sixth Form, I am so excited for the next years of my life, firstly during my gap year then at Cambridge University, but my experience at Notre Dame will always hold a special place in my heart and be reflected in who I become.”

Class of 2022    . . . . . well done!