GCSE Results Success

It was another joyous morning at Notre Dame today as students picked up their exam results from 8 am. Students arrived in large numbers and with friendship groups, to brave the opening of the envelope! They had no need to worry as they have done so well.

After having terrible disruption to their education through the last 3 years this cohort of students have shown incredible determination and resilience to achieve grades that are of a level that exceed pre-pandemic levels.

Mrs Cleary, Headteacher said, “It is incredibly rewarding to see students achieve the results they so richly deserve despite the significant challenges faced due to lockdowns, remote learning and self-isolation. This year group, despite all this, came back even more determined and focused to work well with each other and staff, to make the most of their learning time. Their desire to achieve the highest standards they could was palpable, and has led to results that exceed pre-pandemic levels. Congratulations to all our students and staff on these fabulous results, they are well deserved.”

 An impressive 85% of students gained 5 GCSE passes including English and Maths, furthermore, 90% of all grades awarded were grade 4 or above. 37% of all grades awarded were grades 7 – 9 (A or A* in old money).

All of these figures are our highest ever and are an increase from 2019 (the last year that exams were taken) which were themselves a strong set of results.

Mr Marsden, Head of Year 11

Congratulations to all of you on an amazing set of results.  You should all be so proud of the hard work that has most definitely paid off.  It was so nice to see so many of you in today collecting results and I very much hope you all have what you need for the next part of your journey.

All the best for your next steps wherever they may take you!

Dubby – Achieved all 7s and 9s and said he was not nervous until the night before. He is staying on at Notre Dame to do Maths, Further Maths and Economics. On the school, he said “they are really supportive. Whenever I had work to be marked they would do it the day after.”

Maddie got the results she’s after in her ongoing dream to go to medical school to be a doctor. She said “I thought I had done a lot worse. I was so relieved. It was like a weight off my chest. Last night I couldn’t sleep.” She said the exam was really stressful, adding “I didn’t realise until we were sat in the exam hall how much pressure there was, but felt really supported along the way.”

Olivia got all 9s except one 8 in technology. She said she was aiming to get strong results but said she was surprised. “I was thinking some subjects would be a 7′ she said. ” Notre Dame has been great. As good as it can be.”

Poppy and Lucas both got the results they were hoping for, with Poppy getting all 8s and 9s. Lucas said ‘it was really stressful but it went better than I expected. It’s been scary but the school have offered lots of help. It feels like everything has turned out alright.”‘

Poppy said ‘this is all that I could have hoped for.’

Angel -Angel received all levels 5 to 8 and is staying on to do Physics, Chemistry and Sociology at Sixth Form. She said ‘I love this school. I was really nervous today. I was dreading these results. I didn’t know how I was going to do and I am so pleased with how it has turned out’. 

Congratulations Year 11 -you are amazing!