CAFOD Young Leadership Training Day 1

Stand Up, Speak Out, Be A Witness

Four students in Y10 have volunteered to take part in the CAFOD leadership program.

As part of their commitment to the program, throughout the year, the young leaders are expected to lead their school community by raising awareness, fundraising and campaigning with CAFOD.

CAFOD recognise that young people can make a huge difference, which is why they want to equip young people to be leaders for social justice in their local and global communities. By taking part in the program, young people will be making a difference to fighting poverty and injustice. Throughout the year, they will receive training on different leadership skills such as planning, communication and teamwork.

On Wednesday, 11th October, students from the Catholic Schools in Hallam met at the McAuley School, Doncaster for their 1st training session when they were welcomed by CAFOD staff, took part in team building exercises and made new friends.  Students learnt about issues of poverty and injustice and how they can develop their leadership skills to make a difference in the local and global communities.   Students have been given the task of planning their 1st challenge.  We meet again for the next training session in 2024. 

School Chaplain