Exam Amendments 2022

A package of support has been put in place for students taking GCSE, AS and A level qualifications in summer 2022. The purpose of this is to be as fair as possible to students given the disruption they have experienced, and many continue to face, due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Part of the changes include:

  • Generous grading: Exams will be graded more generously this year providing a safety net for students.
  • Changes to coursework: Non-exam assessment and fieldwork requirements adjusted, with flexibility in some subject.
  • Optional content: There will be less content or fewer topics for students to learn in some GCSEs
  • Support materials: Students will get formulae and equation sheets  in some exams and won’t have to memorise as much.
  • Advance Information: Exam boards will give information on the focus of exams for most subjects to help students revise.

Advance information looks different for different subjects because of how they are structured and assessed. Our Heads of Departments have produced a summary of the amendments to each of the subjects which you can find below:

A Levels: