Faith in Action Team’s Final Visit to St. John’s Church Hall for Wednesday Lunch

On the 5th of June, the last group of students from Notre Dame’s Faith in Action team visited St. John’s Church Hall for the final Wednesday lunch of the school year. This marked the end of a series of visits that will resume in the new school year, welcoming a fresh batch of Year 7 students who will be invited to join the Faith in Action team. 

Once again, we were warmly welcomed upon arrival. The students, the elderly and local parishioners shared a meal, engaging in conversation and enjoying each other’s company. After lunch, it was time to leave, but not before Claire’s dog, Belle, demanded some attention! 

Our students a short time playing with Belle, ensuring they did not leave with her hidden in one of their rucksacks! Claire had to step in to take Belle back, much to my amusement!

I would like to take this opportunity to extend our heartfelt thanks to Reverend Matthew, Reverend Alison, Claire, and all the wonderful people we met every Wednesday for lunch and say ‘Thank you for welcoming us to St. John’s and letting us ‘gate-crash’ your Wednesday lunches over the last six weeks. It has been a privilege to spend time with you, to chat, laugh, and even play a game of bingo!

Our young people have absolutely loved meeting you all and sharing these special lunchtimes. We are eagerly looking forward to reintroducing these visits in the new school year. This experience has been invaluable for our students, and we are excited about the prospect of new recruits joining our Faith in Action team next year. 

Thank you once again for making this such a memorable and enriching experience for our young people’.

God bless