Silver Faith in Action Award Meeting

Students from Notre Dame gathered in Herringthorpe to participate in a Faith in Action meeting led by Sue McDonald. This marked the fourth collaborative meeting with students from other Catholic schools. Together, we started with a prayer, reciting the Our Father. Sue encouraged us to reflect on the prayer, asking each of us to jot down phrases that resonated with us and rephrase them in our own words. Surprisingly, amidst light-hearted mentions of commercial brands like IKEA and Taco Bell, we collectively realised the deeper significance of love, recognising  the importance of family, God, and Mary in our lives.

Following this reflection, we delved into the inspiring life of Saint Teresa of Calcutta, mapping out a timeline of her profound devotion to serving others, showcasing her unparalleled selflessness and unwavering dedication.

We finished the meeting with a beautiful CAFOD prayer about building the kingdom of God and reaching out in love to help people in need