St Bernadette’s Relics visit to St Marie’s Cathedral, Sheffield  

On the 4th and 5th of October St Bernadette’s relics came to Sheffield. When explaining the amazing experience I had, many people asked the question “What is a relic?” A relic is a part of a deceased holy person’s body kept as an object of reverence. This was a special event as St Bernadette’s relics have never come to Sheffield and may not come again. A group of students that got the experience to go to Lourdes helped out on this amazing event. We started on Tuesday evening, waiting for the arrival of the relics, and we took part in the rosary before helping out in the water liturgy, washing the hands of those who wanted to be cleaned. During the water liturgy, I got a break, so I used this time to reflect. I joined the queue and got to have a moment with St Bernadette herself, in this moment it felt magical and special. It is an opportunity to come closer to God and St Bernadette, to strengthen your faith. The Wednesday was an early start, but we pushed through and helped with the arrival of students from the schools. Helping out at different stations, telling them about the fantastic life St Bernadette led.  I was put on a station that did the water liturgy with two other adult helpers. Even though I didn’t know them, I felt we shared a connection between us and it was because of our faith. It had such an impact on me, having all of these people come together as a community to celebrate St Bernadette’s life. 

The relics have brought me closer to God. It has deepened my faith, made me feel part of a bigger community, joined together by religion. It has taught me to have courage in serving others as I have St Bernadette by my side.  

Louisa Y11