Y8 Faith in Action Team

On the 1st March, the Y8 Hallam Faith in Action Team had a transformative meeting led by Sue McDonald, the director for youth in Hallam. The session delved into the profound theme of “Our Active Love Builds the Kingdom of God.”

Together, we explored the concept of the kingdom of God, drawing inspiration from the remarkable life of Mother Teresa of Calcutta, who demonstrated faith in action through her selfless service to the poor and homeless. Through thoughtful discussions and reflections, students contemplated the significance of the kingdom of God in their lives and how their individual actions contribute to its realisation on earth. The day concluded with a meaningful Mass celebrated by Fr. Lee, followed by a communal lunch that fostered bonds of fellowship and companionship between the Catholic Hallam Schools and their chaplains.

It was a day filled with inspiration, learning, and spiritual growth for all involved.