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Y7 Students start their first term with an introduction to Key historical terms, followed by Ancient Societies; the Egyptians, 11th Century Britain, the impact of the Norman Invasion and Britain during the Middle Ages, the Crusades, the Tudors and Stuarts and the indigenous people of North America. In Y8 their focus is on the British Empire and its relationship with slavery and the slave trade, the American and French Revolutions, the Industrial Revolution, including a study of the Sheffield Flood and Twentieth Century history including the Suffragettes, both World Wars, the Roaring Twenties in the USA, the Nazi and Rwandan genocides, developments in civil rights and the assassination of JFK. For GCSE we study the 2016 Edexcel course, focussing on Medicine in Britain, Elizabethan England, Germany between the two world wars and the Cold War. A level History focuses on Stuart Britain and the Crisis of the Monarchy 1603 – 1702, and France in Revolution 1774 – 1815.

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How you can help your child in History

The best way to help your child in History is to take an interest in what they are learning. Ask them to teach you about Thomas Becket or the Magna Carta. Encourage them to read as much as they can and study/discuss together appropriate material on television and online.
At KS 4 and 5, homework is based around exam tasks and techniques. It would be helpful to be aware of the exam board and schemes of work for this topic. Our exam board for GCSE is Pearson Edexcel (Level 1/Level 2 GCSE (9 – 1) in History (1HI0) and for A level is AQA (A-level (7042) 2015).

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Exam Results

Information on exam results 2017 can be found by clicking here:


and downloading the document entitled ‘Exam Performance Data 2017’

Government and Politics (A Level)

• Would you like to know more about the Britain you live in today?

• Do you like modern History?

• Are you interested in current affairs?

• Do you have opinions about what is right and wrong about how our society operates?

• Do you want to learn more about who has power in this country?

If so, then you should study Government and Politics. It is a fast moving subject where the technical detail of our political system is being applied and sometimes challenged and updated as political events unfold.

‘I made the right choice taking Government and Politics. I love History, but Government and Politics is like studying modern political history as it is made on a day to day basis’.

Ellen Year 12

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Politics A LEvel

History A Level

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Head of History Department: Miss E Dickey – edickey@notredame-high.co.uk